Govie Editor

Getting Started

Just another 3D viewer?

No, the Govie Editor makes it possible to present a 3D model in a way that was only possible with programming knowledge. By adding camera transitions, interactive hotspots, post effects, lighting setups as well as images, videos and text, you can create your own interactive story of your 3D model.


Govie Editor

From within the Govie Editor you can start, stop, and pauseyour animation. You can even play just a range of your timeline or play it backward. Supported animation types depend on the file format. In addition to regular keyframe animations, the GLTF format supports armatures and shape keys (aka morph targets).

For more information, see the Integration section

Objects or groups of objects can be hidden or shown using the visibility property. You can add that property to your objects in the 3D-Software of your choice.

For each slide in a Govie, you can change the lighting and background colors. There are serval environments to choose from as well as custom lighting using sun and spotlights.

See how it’s done by checking this video demonstration.

To make your models look even nicer, we added some post effects like Depth of Field, SSAO, Bloom, Sobel / Edge Detect, and custom CSS.

Hotspots can be used as interactive annotationsin a scene, to navigatethrough your Govie orjump to external pages.

Watch this videoto see hotspots in action.

In a Govie, you can add and format text, images, and videos.

For more information, watch this video.


Govie Plattform

Your dashboard is the starting point for creating and organizing your projects. Get an overview of your projects, see all your workspaces, upload new media to the library, and share or embed your Govie .

For each Govie you can either share a draft or the Govie publish. Both ways give you a sharing link, but the draft always leads to the latest version, so people will see any changes you make right away. Publishing a Govie creates a fixed revision, so you can continue working while users only see that particular status.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of models you can upload. However, the file size is limited to 350 MB. We recommend that you make your file as small as possible to reduce loading times.

More than 30 different formats are supported by our platform, and native CAD formats such as STEP, DWG, DXF or IGES can also be used.

In your workspace, you can work on the same project with others at the same time! Watch the video for more details.


how to govie

We provide complete documentation, including video tutorials and live examples, to help you create your own custom Govies.


stay within your natural habitat

To create content, you don’t need to learn a new 3D Software– just work with the one you are used to. Export your model as a GLB file and load it into the Govie Editor.