Explain better,
sell more.

Do you want to convince your customers of the benefits of your product? Then a Govie is exactly what you need: the interactive and unique 3D presentation will convince them with a lasting effect – quickly and at a great price, for all sales situations and for all end devices.

Unique selling points

How your sales can benefit
from a Govie®

  1. Great for explaining:
    No other medium explains how your product is built, how it works and its benefits as fast, clearly and convincingly as a Govie.
  2. Lasting effect:
    Your customers will remember your product’s structure, advantages and how it works for longer – its unique benefit stays in the memory.
  3. Emotional power:
    The interactive 3D presentation impresses your customers and leads to a faster positive purchase decision.

White Paper

Everything about
using a Govie®
and how it works.


How the product presentation
of the next generation works

Govie stands for game technology and movie in one – it is a video
and interactive 3D world at the same time. You can use the Govie
to tell the story of your product and it offers the possibility of
experiencing it interactively. This is only possible with a Govie.

Live Demo

Try the Govie®


We create you your first Govie

You will receive a ready-to-use application ready for integration into your website. For web-independent work, e. g. on a tablet or PC, we naturally also supply offline versions. Your advantage: Your time! We take care of everything technical for you and ensure that the basis for a movie or interactive 3D model is flawless and looks top.

If you wish, we can then make your Govies/ content available to you in the Govie Editor web platform (see right).


Create your own Govies: The Govie Editor

Edit, share and customize your Govies® and 3D content yourself! Manage internal company users as needed – available worldwide for every employee, without time-consuming software installations, simply by logging in to your browser. And imagine that you could now produce 3D presentations of your product yourself. With just a few clicks and without 3D know-how. The platform for content: The Govie editor. Please contact us.

Download your own 3D models or scans, e. g. from Sketchfab, MS Paint3D, your smartphone.