3DIT: the 3D product presentation provider of the future

3D Interaction Technologies

3DIT is a company from Dresden that has been developing interactive 3D models for use in the marketing, sales and service sectors for over ten years.


Our Govie format brings together 3D graphics, storytelling and interactivity – for eye-catching, striking and effective presentations offering an in-depth view into the internal workings of products and processes.

‘We firmly believe that people are better able to understand, learn and remember things that are presented to them visually in a 3D, interactive and virtually tangible format.’

Ingolf Seifert, CEO 3DIT

Our Story

Explaining advanced technologies in a way that is understandable, entertaining and memorable is a challenge for companies. This is something that microelectronics engineer Dr Henry Wojcik discovered while working as a research assistant at the TU Dresden, as did technology journalist Ingolf Seifert during his time at various news media outlets. The more complex and complicated a product or technology is, the harder it is to get other people excited about it.

During a joint educational project in 2009, Wojcik and Seifert were faced with the challenge of introducing young people to the world of microelectronics. The two technology enthusiasts found themselves asking: ‘Why shouldn’t the technical possibilities offered by computer games also be effective in explaining products and technologies? Together with media computer scientists from the TU Dresden, they developed an interactive 3D application that demonstrated the structure and functionality of a wafer stepper in real time.

The application was a success and other projects soon followed. Wojcik and Seifert founded 3DIT shortly afterwards. Since then, the company has dedicated itself to the development of interactive 3D visualisations. It now works all over Europe for companies from various industries.