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Govie® as a Service

What is the best way to present your product, inside and out, in order to offer a differentiated view of its characteristics and process flows?

There is a great need for new, unique marketing and sales tools that can be deployed across physical and virtual channels. Standing out from the competition is an enormous challenge that calls for new formats.

‘The new format gets me much
more attention than technical
drawings, videos or slide sets
ever could. If I can pull up 3D
visualisations during a sales
pitch, I win orders more easily.’

Heiko Mähnert, plant manager at
Kyffhäuser Pumpen Artern GmbH


Govie-Format: 3D + Interactivity + Storytelling

Govie-Format: 3D + Interactivity + Storytelling 3DIT’s Govie format combines gaming and film in its DNA, allowing it to attract audience attention like no other product.

Govie enables you to explain how a product works in a unique and understandable way, as well as offering an in-depth and impressive insight into the product’s internal workings. You can easily display process flows, component networks and concealed product elements.

A Govie can function as the core feature of any product presentation. These include physical and virtual:


  • Trade fairs and events
  • Customer meetings
  • Webinars
  • Websites

Govie 360°plus -Panorama: 360° -Photo + Interactivity + Story-Modus

Govie 360°plus -Panorama: The virtual tour of the future

A Govie 360°plus -panorama combines a 360° -photo with opportunities for interaction and a story mode. This creates a unique virtual 3D tour and in which the environment can be experienced interactively. This authentic portrayal of the environment can be used in online and offline presentations and represents a strong unique selling point compared to competitors.

Area of application of the Govie 360°plus -panorama:

3D Interaction Technologies creates Govie 360°plus -panoramas that are predestined for use in sales and marketing. This primarily includes virtual showrooms and virtual tours of application areas.

Process for creating a Govie 360°plus -panorama

  • A 360° -photo provides the basis for the Govie and is a cheaper and faster alternative to 3D models.

  • The picture can be enriched very easily and quickly with further pictures, texts, videos and links to further product websites or data sheets.

  • In addition, elements such as interactive hotspots can be set which encourage interaction with individual topics. You can share and / or integrate this 3D tour on the web as a link – as often as you like and without programming.

  • The tracking shots also result in a story mode that automatically generates chapters.

Further 3D Solutions

  • 3D-Walkthroughs
  • 3D application environments
  • 3D control stations
  • 3D product configurators
  • 3D sales apps and more
  1. Based on CAD data, we create a photorealistic 3D copy of the product.

  2. Additional elements, for example images or text, are inserted and brought together in a sequence, just like in a traditional video.

  3. The user experiences a ready-made story but can pause the Govie at any time and interact with it, for example by rotating, zooming in or out, adjusting the position or removing parts, or to learn about the details.