& Govie

Visualization of a pharmaceutical product demonstrator.


In an initial customer meeting, Omnicell‘s sales staff cannot show the
company‘s pack picking robot in real life and in action. Even though
they use PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos and drawings, the
technology remains too intangible for the customers. To be able to
explain their solutions convincingly, the company was looking for a new
presentation approach.
At trade fairs, the challenge was similar: exhibiting real pack picking
robots is too cost-intensive, especially at small trade fairs. Nevertheless,
Omnicell wants to explain to trade fair visitors with serious investment
intentions exactly how the robots are built, how they work and what
advantages they have. Until 2017, Omnicell‘s trade fair teams used
brochures, photos and videos for this. With 3DIT‘s visualisation solution,
it was much easier to convincingly present their offer.

Reasons for choosing 3D IT

When Omnicell sales representatives open the customer meeting with a
Govie, pharmacists are always immediately captivated and impressed. By
interactively demonstrating the pack picking robots and their variety of
functions, they generate technical understanding and confidence in the
Omnicell offering.
In-depth information on each component of the solution – such as videos,
photos and technical data – is immediately at their fingertips. Searching
for it is eliminated and will no longer disrupt the flow of conversation.

„With 3DIT‘s Govies, we present our offer much more vividly and
convincingly than with PowerPoint presentations, pictures and videos,
and at the same time we underpin our claim to be a technical reformer
and a pioneer of digitalisation.”

Scope of application of the Govie format:

Trade fairs:

  • Visualisation of Omnicell‘s automated solutions on large-format touch
  • Presentation of the products in the story mode
  • Visualisation of Omnicell‘s automated solutions on tablets
  • Use of the free interaction mode in the respective national language for
    individual customer discussions about solutions details and for in-depth

Routine of the sales department:

  • Internationally, Omnicell field staff use Govies as an explanation tool in
    individual customer meetings with owners of independent pharmacies as
    well as with specialist staff responsible for the pharmaceutical supply in