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The Govie format as a differentiating marketing and sales tool.


At the beginning of 2019, the pump manufacturer KPA scheduled important customer visits to China, South Korea, Vietnam and France. The pump market is saturated. In order to grow nevertheless, companies need to position their products through technical advantages and effective marketing measures.

Reasons for choosing 3D IT

A pump is not a component that can be easily changed in ongoing operation. Therefore, the customer must carefully think about the pump selection and the pump supplier must be able to explain the pump technology well.

The viewer wants to see inside the product and understand the hidden processes themselves. For this purpose, 3D IT’s Govie format is perfect. It is self-explanatory, modern and combines 3D, storytelling and interaction like no other format.

“All the hopes I had for the new presentation format have been fulfilled. Most clients are surprised that such a type of visualisation exists at all. The new format ensures that I attract much more attention than technical drawings, videos or slide sets. If I use interactive 3D visualisations in the sales pitch, I win orders more easily.”

Heiko Mähnert,
Werksleiter der Kyffhäuser
Pumpen Artern GmbH (KPA)

Scope of application of the Govie format:

  • 3D Interaction Technologies created Govies for three pump types from the KPA range. KPA has integrated the pump govies into its website and made them available to sales partners worldwide as a sales tool.