Govie Editor

Architecture and Planning Interactive

Turn your 3D data into an interactive online presentation. 
An online 3D viewer for all formats - 3D, CAD, 360°, point clouds.
Communicate directly at the property with the builder.

Why Govie

Our world is 3D - why explain it in 2D?

Do you want to improve your communication with various project partners? 

Poor communication between architect, builder and investor is often the reason for additional demands and new rounds of corrections. Being able to share and explain the current status can solve many problems at this point before they arise. This can save a lot of unnecessary work. 


The Govie Editor as an interactive presentation tool

With the Govie Editor, they have the opportunity to upload their project status via drag-and-drop and present it in such a way that misunderstandings are a thing of the past. With one click, the current project status can be shared online, optionally also with password protection.

Use of Govie

Communicate directly at the object with the builder

The Govie format combines 3D, interactivity and a story mode. This enables a clear presentation of the current construction phase and thus helps to eliminate misunderstandings at an early stage.

  • Vertriebs-Teaser zum Einstieg für das eigene Portfolio

    Auf der Webseite, auf Tablets oder am Laptop via Online Meeting.

  • CAD & IFC Projektdaten direkt zur Kommunikation nutzen

    Ein 3D-Kommunikationstool für die tägliche Abstimmung – außerhalb der CAD-Programme und Viewer, dafür intuitiv und im Web.

  • Scandaten, 360° Fotos, GIS-Daten & CAD-Planung übereinbringen.

    Verständnis ist mehr als nur Zustimmung zum Projekt. Entstandene Daten visualisieren und Zusammenhänge erklären. Teure Zusatzplugins der Scanner-Anbieter vermeiden.

  • Digitaler Zwilling für den Betreiber

    Erstzen Sie Papier-Betriebsanweisungen in Schränken und Videos in Ablageordnern durch kontextuelle, digitale 3D-Materialien! Unverständliche 2D Dashboards und Wertetabellen durch 3D-Echtzeit-Dashboards ergänzen.

  • Renderings in 3D WebGL überführen

    Bereits erstellte Architekturvisualisierungen als echte 3D-Präsentation teilen und mit Lichteffekten, Tiefenschärfe & mehr versehen.

Govie Editor

Create 3D presentations easily by yourself

Govie Editor is an online software for everyone! With it, you can create 3D presentations by yourself without any programming skills. You can use the story mode by creating slides with a certain perspective and adding a lot of additional information such as images, texts, web links or videos. The 3D web presentation is generated automatically. Copy link, share and you’re done!

There are different license models for Govie Editor with different functionality and authoring scope. When you register, you automatically receive a free license.

Govie format

Communicate on the object

Govie is a mix of game and movie.

Like in PowerPoint, you can create different slides with just a click. The viewer can interactively explore your presentation, or play it back like a conventional video.

The focus is on a 3D model, which is either self-created, downloaded from a 3D library or generated from CAD data.

Let's go

the direct entry into Govie

Create the first own interactive story of your 3D model.

It’s worth watching our short tutorials, then it’s super easy!

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    the personal entry

    You don’t have to create your first Govie on your own, we’ll help you do it!

    In our onboarding, we explain how to best use Govie Editor for your project.

    You do not have 3D models, no problem, we give tips on our libraries.


    A reliable partner

    3DIT is a Dresden-based company that has been developing interactive 3D models for use in marketing, sales and service for over ten years.

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